Smart Card Readers

Tx Systems has been specializing in smart card reader technology since the industry's conception in 2001. We offer the broadest range of contact, contactless, and mobile smart card reader solutions that integrate physical and logical access control.

Smart technology is used in virtually every vertical. The use of these readers ranges from workstation logon using multifactor authentication to the encryption of sensitive data such as emails and storage media such as files, folders, and hard drives. For more information on workstation logon using smart cards and readers, please visit our multi-factor authentication page.

Contact Readers

Contact smart cards are identified by a gold or silver chip that is visible on the card body. Much like a computer, this chip contains its own operating system, profile and card file structure that varies from application to application. These cards are named contact due to the fact that they physically need to be inserted into a card reader to make contact with a mechanism, for the most secure mode of encrypted communication.

Contactless Readers

Contactless smart cards differ from contact, because the chip is not visible on the card. Instead the chip and chip’s antenna are embedded within the card body. The card is waved over an RFID reader instead of inserted like a contact card. When the contactless card passes through the specifically tuned RFID field, the antenna powers up the chip and relays the chips information to the application.

Dual-interface Readers

Many cards contain both contact and contactless technology. Often the contactless portion is used for building access, whereas the contact portion is used for secure network access. These cards are typically called converged cards or dual interface cards.

Embedded Readers

Tx Systems is committed to assisting customers with their Embedded Solutions throughout the product life cycle and as products are updated and enhanced. Tx Systems provides full support for all its products from the date of market availability until the product has been withdrawn from the market.

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