Open Domain's Sphinx

Sphinx Logon Manager by OpenDomain provides 2-Factor Logon security leveraging your existing building access card. Sphinx turns an ID card or token into a secure two-factor authentication credential making it easy to replace passwords for Windows Logon and SSO.

Available in Stand-alone, Enterprise, or Enterprise PKI versions for Windows and supports SSO for Web applications.


The Benefits of Sphinx Logon

Savings: Get the best value for your dollar.

Sphinx is typically a fraction of the cost of competing solutions that charge separate fees for end-user and admininistrator software, feature modules, server modules, interface modules, etc. The savings are substantial when you factor in the "time is money" equation. No more valuable time is wasted trying to find passwords, and logon support calls are dramatically reduced to keep your IT staff focused on what's important. 


Security: Your network can't wait for strong and reliable security.

Sphinx' password management and two-factor authentication provide the strong authentication recommended by Homeland Security and required by government regulations such as HIPAA. Built on the stringent secure protocols of the smart card industry, Sphinx protects data with layers of encryption from the card to the secure server.

Simplicity: Save time and avoid infrastructure change.

As an "add on" solution rather than an "infrastructure" solution, Sphinx fits into the secure Windows environment that you've already established, with no need for infrastructure changes. Sphinx works out-of-the-box with compatible cards and readers, and is ready for use in minutes. No more losing time and money by waiting weeks or months to be integrated into your environment.


Stability: Know your investment is protected and well spent.

Relied on by customers globally for the last 10 years, Sphinx has the reputation and crediiblity that you can trust. Dedication to continously updating and optimizing the software to meet customer needs has led to their success in solving the "password problem." Other companies with a diverse product line may regard card-secured logon as only a side product - a way to sell more hardware or one of many software solutions. Sphinx has one, single priority - that's logon software.  

Future Proof: The software decison you make today gives you choices in the future.

Dedicated to open interoperability standards, the Sphinx software works with a wide variety of industry standard cards and readers, giving you more options in the future. Sphinx is the choice of customers who don't want to commit to the potential limitations and price control of one proprietary vendor, where hardware options are limited to the vendor's offerings and set prices. Their open API gives you the additional option to link to third-party software solutions as desired.

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