HID's Location Services


The Need For A Seamless, End-to-End IoT Ecosystem

There is a growing need for increased, real-time visibility into the most important areas of the organization’s operations across multiple locations or a specific area – people, property and assets. Organizations juggle to balance employee retention and satisfaction through ensuring the building operates more efficiently without compromising security. Increasingly, companies seek to embed trusted identities deeper into everyday activities to create a positive working environment, improve building governance, and ensure optimum efficiency.



In order to return employees back to work safely, companies must implement the newly required policies outlined by government and healthcare agencies around the world. HID Location Services delivers new applications to secure digital physical distancing, automate contact tracing and monitor the usage of hand sanitation stations.

Smart Building


Providing a safe and efficient workplace environment for a company’s most valuable assets, people and property, is paramount. Organizations receive real-time actionable data to enhance workplace security, safety and efficiency.



HID redefines and accelerates the IoT experience in healthcare by providing real-time location of clinicians, patients and devices and electronic visit verification. Increased visibility improves operational efficiencies, clinical accountability, patient throughput and asset management.



In partnership with ASSA ABLOY, HID extends IoT services into the hospitality industry. Access to real-time actionable data enables a safe workplace for workers, delivers a frictionless guest experience, tracks assets within the property and provides condition monitoring capabilities for property assets.

  • Breakthrough RTLS (Realtime Locating System) requires little infrastructure to achieve 2 meter accuracy
  • Sophisticated, flexible platform delivering user-defined policies and geo-fences
  • Data-driven decisions using path history, heat maps and predictive analysis

Platform Components

BEEKs™ BLE Beacons


Multiple form factors:
• BEEKs Lite / Industrial
• BEEKs Condition Monitoring
• BEEKs Badge

Multiple beacon protocols; Apple iBeacon and Google Eddystone compatible simultaneously

Extensible architecture

Multiple sensor and memory options

Water resistant

Multi-year battery life

BluFi™ Gateways


Remote monitoring of beacons - status, battery, life & firmware updates

Connects BLE Beacons in vicinity via WiFi to the Cloud

Enables over the air management of Beacons and BluFis

Plug-and-play capabilities for fast and easy implementations

Easy to install AC-powered units

Enables RTLS positioning of beacons

Battery or Solar powered BluFi versions optional

HID Bluzone™


Cloud capabilities for beacon management, workflows, and analytics—alerts and/or message notification

Portal-based service dashboard and development options

Integration to third party applications via RESTful APIs

Remote tracking of beacon or BluFi status

Machine-learning analytics for condition monitoring

Possible Applications


Employee Social Distancing

Track Building Entry/Exit

Contact Tracing

Improve Crisis Management

Optimize Resource Allocation

Ensure Hand Hygiene

Boost Security

Workplace Optimization

Asset Management

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