Identiv 3VR


3VR’s video intelligence solutions provide a single platform for real-time security and consumer insights, allowing organizations to protect their employees, customers and assets, as well as enhance store operations and shopping experiences.

The brains and brawn for your business.

The combination of Identiv’s access control and 3VR’s video management enables pervasive yet frictionless premises security, situational awareness, and business optimization.


3VR by Identiv


Video Management Software (VMS)

3VR by Identiv VisionPoint™ VMS is the ultimate video management software for forensic search, case management and business intelligence. Available in both a Standard and Pro version, with an optional enterprise server for large and remote deployments, VisionPoint VMS provides you the tools to gather intelligence from video, speed up searches and easily develop cases. VisionPoint VMS can be installed on commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware, on certified partner hardware, and is included on any of 3VR’s powerful NVRs/HVRs.

3VR by Identiv's Network and Hybrid Recorders are everything you need in a box. Now you can record, store, index and manage video. Perform functions like running search and video analytics, integration tools and powerful applications. Identiv 3VR offers several different video recorders to choose from so you can pick the type that makes the most sense for your case, such as the 1100 series, 2100 series, 3100 series, 4100 series, and 5600 series. 


Network & Hybrid Video Recorders


Video Analytics

Identiv’s 3VR video surveillance solutions offer intelligent security analytics such as facial recognition, advanced object tracking, license plate recognition, dwell and loitering, people counting, queue management analysis, and demographics. Our analytics program works with IP, analog, and megapixel cameras, and is tightly integrated with data and search, which means no separate hardware is needed and results are ready immediately. You can easily download video analytics and activate with license keys to run the software on your 3VR video security system.

3VR by Identiv uses industry-leading video-mining technology to allow retailers to optimize operations by responding quickly to customer needs and market trends. Through an interactive dashboard, merchants can harness real-time in-store analytics to create a personalized, omni-channel experience, capturing shopper interest at every touchpoint. Video data is enhanced by putting it in context with other data sources such as POS, inventory or RFID for the most complete picture for dynamic decision-making.


Customer Insights


Third-Party Integrations

3VR integrates with Access Control, Central Station, POS, Exception-based Reporting, Sensor, and ATM & Teller systems, equipping customers with enhanced, ready-made offerings. Benefit from faster deployment times and a wider selection of custom solutions. Features include: Access Control and Alarm, ATM and Teller, Point of Sale (POS), Exception-based Reporting, Central Station, and Sensor. 

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