Smart Card Logon


Smart Card Logon is a secure method of two-factor authentication for logging into Windows, Web Applications, Remote Sessions, VPN’s, and much more. Smart Card Logon is typically done via certificate-based authentication with a contact chip smart card and PIN. It can also be done with a contactless RFID card and reader using third-party software such as DigitalPersona with an optional second factor. Smart Card Logon is a native feature in the Windows OS and has been added to MacOS Catalina recently.  

You can implement smart card authentication for Windows Logon automatically via Windows Hello leveraging a Microsoft Mini-Driver Smart Card like the Crescendo C1150. For enterprise customers, we have multiple smart card authentication software solutions to manage user identities and authentication. If you are interested in testing out Smart Cards for Logon or have any questions please contact us through the button below. 

  • Converged Corporate Badge – Use a single smart card for visual identity, network, cloud authentication, and physical access. 
  • Futureproof Standards Compliance – Leverage native platform support for strong authentication using industry standards. 
  • Multiple Profiles – Configurations ready for standalone use or managed by HID Credential Management System supporting FIDO and PIV, FIPS 201.


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