CAC Readers

Tx Systems provides the leading CAC readers from the industry's leading manufacturers, including Identiv, HID, ACS, and more. 

Thursby Apple Plug-In TSS-PK7 Reader (Software Included)

Thursby Android TSS-AN06 Reader (Software Included)

For Your Phone

Use your CAC card with your smart phone. These mobile readers are small in size and specially designed for CAC use with your phone. Be sure to check if you are using a lightning connector (iPhone) or USB-C connector (Android). 

For Your Computer

Securely access and send information from your home or office computer. Be sure to check if your computer has a USB-A port or USB-C port. Or, go wireless and try out a Bluetooth reader! 

AvidCard CAC USB Smart Card Reader

Identiv SCR3310v2.0 USB TYPE C Smart Card Reader

AirID 2 Bluetooth Smart Card Reader

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