Identiv uTrust Token Pro

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Secure mobility for mobile desktop applications and contactless smart card token, featuring a high-quality secure element with strong PKI capabilities based on Java Card™ technology.

uTrust Token Pro is the ideal choice for mobile users that need to carry their digital identity credential at all times. The token’s embedded secure element protects against tampering, as the credential cannot be removed or lost. The token’s slim design ensures that after insertion, it does not interfere with adjacent USB slots. The design also ensures that users do not have the frustrating experience of losing parts (i.e., the cap of the token).

This token features a high-quality secure element with strong public key infrastructure (PKI) capabilities based on Java Card™ technology. Identiv can pre-personalize the token for users and users can develop their own applets to be handled by the Java Card operating system. The token can be used for logging on to a PC, signing and encrypting documents or emails, and authenticating to secure web sites or the user’s company’s virtual private network (VPN).


  • Secure mobility: Portable digital identity
  • Slim, elegant design: Does not obstruct neighboring USB slots
  • Customizable: Can feature user branding and user-developed applets


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