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Tx Systems, Inc. has spotted an increasing trend in the education industry. Many colleges, universities as well as grammar schools have a need to update their existing ID card infrastructure from magnetic stripe cards or flash badges to contactless technology. The intention is to increase security of the campus by leveraging the full capabilities and security features of the contactless card. Ensuring student and faculty records are not stolen or compromised is critical with so many organizations suffering data breaches. Many institutions are upgrading to smart cards and biometric authentication to enhance their ID infrastructure. Using multi-factor authentication such as a fingerprint with a PIN to grant access to a facility significantly increases security and efficiency.

As an industry leader in smart card technology and security solutions, Tx Systems, Inc. is capable of supporting this type of project from start to finish. We have consulted for many campuses to date, and are able to make recommendations based on existing physical access systems and allow you to start fresh or build off of an existing physical access network. Tx Systems, Inc. is a Distributor for the leading Smart Card and Smart Card Reader manufacturers, which allow us to provide the best possible pricing on quality hardware needed in campus upgrades. Beyond hardware, we have a staff of engineers that allow us to provide expert consultation, professional services, and installation services to ensure that your upgrade is executed without any issues.

Once the upgrade is complete, Tx Systems, Inc is able to provide insight to the contactless technology and make recommendations on how to fully utilize the capability of the contactless cards. Whether you decide to implement the additional security features immediately or add it to your road map, we will make sure you are fully aware of the technology so you can make the best decisions for securing your campus.

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