Identiv Smart Label Temp Tracker Demo Kit (Additional Tags Option)

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Identiv Smart Label Temp Tracker Demo Kit
Identiv Smart Label Temp Tag

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Identiv's Smart Label Demo Kit showcases an end-to-end cold chain management solution. It combines a high accuracy temperature sensor with a microcontroller mounted on a flexible substrate containing a printed battery. The Smart Label Temperature Tracker Demo Kit contains sample Temp Tags and documentation detailing the use of the tags, the Android Smart Label mobile app and Smart Label Cloud service.

Identiv’s uTrust Sense Temperature Tracker is a compact datalogging NFC smart sensor that tracks and stores temperature readings.

Additional Smart Label Temperature Tracker Tags may be purchased.

The Identiv Smart Label Temperature Tracker uses cloud services to provide logical analysis of temperature readings. It is the culmination of four different companies, each experts in their own respective domains. They joined forces to create a mass production-ready, turn-key solution for the Internet of Things (IoT) market.

The collective solution combines sensor and RFID technology to address the challenge of various industries with a specific interest in cold chain management. The solution comprises a low-cost pocket-sized smart sensor that tracks and stores precise temperature readings. Analytics and remediation is available via a cloud solution, employing the label’s built-in NFC capabilities.

While NXP developed the single-chip solution and Enfucell tailored the printable batteries, Identiv created the RFID inlay design ready for mass-production and Syntel delivered both the mobile app and cloud services. These innovations achieved a solution to ensure reliable readouts and big data analytics across the globe. Customers can tailor this concept to their own needs with the confidence that a qualitative and speedy delivery blends with their current solutions and frameworks.

Identiv's uTrust Sense Temperature Tracker Tag contains a precise temperature sensor, digital storage, flexible battery, and NFC tag. It communicates with local devices using a mobile device or industrial equipment app. The current temperature status and complete logged history can be reviewed locally or uploaded to the cloud.

Identiv’s uTrust Sense Temperature Tracker is a compact near field communication (NFC) smart sensor that tracks and stores temperature readings. The Internet of Things (IoT)-enabled datalogger empowers businesses by providing a low-cost, self-adhesive temperature monitoring solution for virtually anything. It is ideal for the supply chain industry (i.e., traceability and cold chain monitoring for perishable foods, flowers, and more), healthcare and pharmaceutical markets (i.e., equipment and medications), government applications, and smart packaging.

Typical Tag Applications

  • Supply chain (i.e., traceability and cold chain monitoring for perishable foods or flowers during transportation and storage)
  • Healthcare and pharmaceuticals (i.e., medical equipment and drugs)
  • Government 
  • Smart packaging

Tag Details

  • Trust the temperature history of senstive products
  • Cost-effective
  • Read by any IoT device (NFC-enabled)
  • Bundled with a mobile Android application and cloud platform for access of data analytics and eventual risk remediation

Tag Features

  • Robust design to prevent damage (approximately 1.7 mm thick)
  • Active, battery-assisted, pocket-sized tag
  • Self-adhesive backing: Convenient application to any surface
  • Custom printed artwork
  • Temperature range: -30 to 50°C (-22 to 122°F)
  • Battery life: >90 - 120 days after product activation, depending on measurement interval
  • RFID chip: Contactless ISO/IEC 14443, readable by NFC-enabled mobile phones
  • Thin non-rechargeable battery
  • Log capacity: >10,000 temperature records
  • Data logging modes:
    • Continuous logging (default mode, logging all temperatures at specific intervals)
    • Out of limits only and limit-crossing mode (not supported in this version)
  • Programmable logging interval (10 seconds to >9 hours)
  • Trusted architecture with data encryption and end-to-end authentication with the cloud
  • Temperature calibration procedure according to ISO/IEC 17025.


Identiv Smart Label Temp Tracker Demo Kit (Additional Tags Option) Datasheet


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