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Windows Logon Solutions

HiD ActivID Go beyond simple password; Tx Systems provides Enterpise logon solutions for Windows based computing environments. We offer logon solutions for Windows that integrates with your current Active Directory services.

Sphinx Log On

Sphinx Logon

Sphinx provides the logon security you need, with the simplicity you want. Sphinx turns an ID card or token into a secure two-factor authentication tool, and makes it easy to use strong passwords for logon processes.

In continuous use at a substantial installed base of government, corporate, educational, and healthcare institutions world-wide. Works out-of-the-box with a diversity of powerful card technologies. Straight-forward software pricing structure is based on number of end-user licenses, with no additional hidden costs.

Available in Stand-alone, Enterprise, or Enterprise PKI versions for the Windows environment.

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Identive ConCERTO

HiD ActivID

ConCERTO is a secure card platform from Identive, one of the largest smart card reader manufacturers in the word. Utilizing virtually any available card technology, this software solution supports secure logical access, physical access and other ID applications. Single sign-on capabilities simplify the user log on experience and increase security for your company’s data and systems.

An open architecture allows other services to be added, such as secure printing, payment, and time & attendance. ConCERTO is the single credential you need for all applications.

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2FA Logo

2FA ONE was created on the vision of simplifying strong authentication. Without weeks of professional services and using an intuitive interface, customers tell us the process of installation and deployment is straightforward and easy to manage. Typically

Typically, we refer to 2FA ONE as a versatile authentication platform, supporting six different logon methods in a mix-and-match environment. Client and server are sold together – as a complete, bundled solution – to provide ONE installation, at ONE price, including all the features.

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