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Windows Logon Solutions

We specialize in smart card solutions for physical and cyber security, providing multi-factor authentication for Windows Logon, encryption, digital signing and more with the same badge to get in the door. 


 HIGH SECURITY SMART CARD FOR LOGICAL & PHYSICAL ACCESS  For more information please contact our Sales Dept. »  

  • Converged Security Credential– one card for physical and IT access featuring a cryptographic secure element. 
  • Broad range of applications – allows access to computer, network or cloud, encryption, PKI based authentication, digital signing and more. 
  • Interoperable- compatible with all major Physical Access Control Systems, card options include HID Seos®, CIV or FIPS certified PIV cards. 

OpenDomain Sphinx Log On

Sphinx Logon

Sphinx provides the logon security you need, with the simplicity you want. Sphinx turns an ID card or token into a secure two-factor authentication tool, and makes it easy to use strong passwords for logon processes.

In continuous use at a substantial installed base of government, corporate, educational, and healthcare institutions world-wide. Works out-of-the-box with a diversity of powerful card technologies. Straight-forward software pricing structure is based on number of end-user licenses, with no additional hidden costs.

Available in Stand-alone, Enterprise, or Enterprise PKI versions for the Windows environment.

For more information please contact our Sales Dept. »   

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