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Quantum Secure

Quantum Secure developed the world's first Physical Identity and Access Management software in 2004 and remains one of the world's premiere physical identity and access management solution today. The SAFE Visitor Identity Manager enhances visitor experience while ensuring security and management of visitor details.

Quantum Secure's SAFE Visitor Identity Manager is an option for secure visitor management, allowing web-based visitor pre-registration on a self-service portal among other features. This highly intuitive and enterprise class web-based solution includes capabilities for visitor pre-registration, registration, security checks, check in/out, badge print and centralized reporting and audit trail functions.

Comprehensive functions and benefits include:

  • Allows web-based visitor pre-registration by hosts using an intuitive self-service portal
  • Improves front desk efficiency by automating visitor check-in processes, offloading visitor pre-registration to end users
  • Automates visitor provisioning into your PACS infrastructure
  • Deliver high quality visitor experience with the ability to self-check-in using visitor kiosk and minimizing wait times
  • Integrates with all necessary peripherals (camera, ID scanner, signature pad, badge printer) and provides badge printing based on multiple templates

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