HID ActivID® Mini Token AT (Time Based) with Clock

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Note: This time-based product is only compatible with software created by HID. If you are looking for the OATH TIME token, please see this page. If you are unsure what token is right for you, please contact sales. 

For organizations seeking to prevent unauthorized access to information and IT resources, HID Global® ActivID One-Time Password (OTP) tokens solution enable proof of identity. For customizable options, please contact sales.

P/N: BMT101P

ActivID Mini Token generates random password that cannot be re-used. End-user gain access to resources by providing twofactor authentication - something they have (i.e., the OTP generated by the token) and a “secret” they know (for the mini Token this can be the software PIN number). ActivID Mini Token is the one touch, one-time password generator that is designed to be easy-to-use and compact.

Mini Token AT (BMT101P200) - supports ActivIdentity Synchronous Time and Event (DES/3DES) authentication for advanced security.


  • Leverages two-factor security
  • End-users simply enter the PIN on the hand-held token to activate the two-factor security capabilities of the device
  • Supports a wide range of authentication methods
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