Tx Systems is the proud distributor of HID Omnikey Smart Card Readers for the KODAK INfuse AX Scanner from Kodak Alaris. We are happy to provide fulfillment and support services to our solution partners. Please feel free to reach out to our support department with any questions regarding your smart card reader. 

 Secure scanning. The right way. 

Once a sensitive document is scanned, the data extracted can very easily fall into the wrong hands, posing a huge—and often overlooked—security risk. Organizations also struggle with complicated tracking allocation and errors when users aren’t correctly identified. In addition, many common “secure” scanning methods are either far too cumbersome for users or far too susceptible to breaches.

An effective way to address these concerns is to employ the identification credentials already in use to power secure scanning programs. Adding secure scanning to existing trusted identity credentials like badges not only improves security but offers a more user-friendly experience—and is fairly simple to implement with the help of an experienced scanner manufacturer or managed content partner.

Best of all, leveraging the current credentials already familiar to users and IT means very little training. You can feel confident that your secure scanning solution is simply an extension of your trusted identity solution, and the next step to a truly Connected Workplace.

KODAK INfuse AX Scanner - HID Omnikey 5427 ck Gen 2

Part Number: KA-R54270101

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