HID Crescendo C2300 FIDO Card

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Crescendo C2300 FIDO Card, replacement for the Crescendo C1300 card.

The C2300 card available with SEOS™ MIFARE Plus® and MIFARE® DESFire® emulation with optional HID and Indala® Prox. To request more information please contact our Sales Dept. »

The Crescendo C2300 provides a high assurance identity, enabling organizations to implement Zero Trust security architecture. Crescendo can be used as a corporate badge, protecting access to facilities, as well a means to protect access to IT networks, computers and applications, whether they are internal or cloud-based. Crescendo is designed to be easy and fast to deploy while expanding with continuously evolving needs thanks to proven standards such as PIV and FIDO2.


  • Seamless compliance while protecting networks, computers and applications with strong authentication.
  • Digital signature, enabling users to verify the provenance of emails and documents.
  • Data encryption, allowing only authorized users to access sensitive information.
  • A converged corporate badge, allowing the use of one single smart card for visual identity, network, cloud authentication and physical access.
  • Secure printing, to ensure confidentiality and guarantee stronger data protection.

Crescendo can be used in stand-alone mode or centrally managed by ActivID® Credential Management System or HID Credential Management Service. It works in combination with ActivClient® middleware.

Furthermore, Crescendo is part of the ActivOne, HID PIV Express™ and HID PIV Enterprise™ solutions which help organizations improve their security posture, comply with mandates, and improve the user experience


Download Crescendo C2300 Technical Datasheet

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