ActivID ActivKey SIM USB Key with Embedded Crescendo C1100 Smart Card

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Smart Card Security in a small, portable form factor.

Offering out-of-the-box, standards-compliant support for network and computer access (such as login to workstations and laptops or web-based applications requiring cryptographically protected operation), the C1100 delivers a cost-effective solution that also eliminates the need for the cardholder to carry multiple credentials or remember multiple passwords and PINs. It also serves as an employee ID and access control for buildings.

For physical access, the cards are available in a variety of RFID interfaces to accommodate the majority of physical access requirements, ensuring maximum interoperability with existing and future deployments.

HID Global’s ActivID ActivKey SIM provides strong security in an easy-to-use, portable form factor with the same two-factor authentication, digital signature and encryption capabilities as a smart card.

Additionally, because of the convenient USB interface, workstations and laptops do not require an additional reader.


  • Allow your employees and mobile workforce secure access to data and cloud, using strong authentication in a mobile device.
  • ActivID® ActivKey® SIM from HID Global® combines the security of a smart card with a built-in USB reader.
  • ActivKey SIM is fully interoperable with other HID Global® authentication solutions, delivering an out-of-the-box experience.


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